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Bushfire impacts on water supplies - Bargo, NSW, 2013

Bushfire impacts on water supplies - Bargo, NSW, 2013

The section is an open forum for Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC partners to voice their views on relevent matters of interest.

In many cases, these posts represent the authors' personal views, which are not necessarily shared by any of the organisations with which they are associated. We publish them here in the interest of encouraging open, wide-ranging discussion on the matters our research is focused on.

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Dr Briony Towers
20 Mar
In early March, I visited in a small school in Western Australia's Wheatbelt region to begin our evaluation of the 'Bushfire Patrol' program. The aim of this trip was to collect some initial baseline data on children's existing knowledge of, and participation in, bushfire risk reduction. What struck me on this trip was how important it is to include rural and remote students in our research. The physical and human geography of the Wheatbelt stands in stark contrast to that of Perth's rural/urban interface and this will likely have implications for the structure and content of Bushfire Patrol.
Dr Richard Thornton
Chief Executive Officer
15 Mar
Last week the New Zealand rural fire community celebrated 25 years of rural fire research with the 5th NZ Rural Fire Research Workshop in Christchurch.
Celeste Young
7 Mar
In an increasingly complex and connected world, the types of decisions we need to make and how we make them is changing.
Dr Richard Thornton
Chief Executive Officer
13 Feb
I've recently returned from two joint conferences in Barcelona: the International Association of Wildland Fire Safety Summit and the International Congress on Prescribed Fire.
Michael Rumsewicz
Dr Michael Rumsewicz
Research Director
14 Dec
Our PhD education program is continually evolving, and with this in mind, we’ve put together some handy resources to help our PhD students.
Dr Richard Thornton
Chief Executive Officer
7 Dec
Last week marked a milestone in the life of the CRC: the Board of the centre met and approved the research portfolio for the next four years.
Dr Tarn Kruger
Dr Tarn Kruger
6 Dec
With the Out of Uniform project nearing completion, we conducted a couple of workshops to explore some of the aspects of the project.
James Furlaud
PhD Student
7 Nov
Postgraduate student James Furlaud spent a valuable week at the Research Advisory Forum in Canberra last month.

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